Community Partners

Community Partners We Serve

Once you decide you want to become a Community Partner your contact will be Rachael Wolff.
She will e-mail you our Community Partner Communication Agreement:

Then your organization will receive your log sheet:

We want to protect the privacy of the people you serve as much as you do.  Once you fill out a family's information on your log sheet, you will be assigned a number for that family.  We will only get their names when the boating adventure is ready to be arranged. You will receive a confirmation with the assigned number.

When we raise the funds for the trips we will rotate them between the Community Partners.  We will also have special fundraising campaigns to raise funds for different causes.  

In addition to helping the families we want to make sure to honor your top employees who are working hands on with Collier county youth.  We will have special fundraising campaigns to have staff appreciation trips.  

Please contact Rachael Wolff at or call 239-207-8807

Community Partners Who Give
Do you want to help us serve the families in Collier County monetarily or by in-kind donations?  We are always in need of funds to help us develop more programs and for products and services that will help us serve our community in the best way possible.  

Please contact Rachael Wolff at or call 239-207-8807

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