Monday, November 30, 2015

Where We Are Now

SWYF is ready to start our next set of adventures on our Captain's own Key Hopper.

We are  also busy getting our mothership back on the water.  We are still in need of motor and some key safety features for being able to give children and families the best experience possible.  We can't wait to get her back in the game so that we can offer trips to families who have conditions where they need the security of being indoors and/or out of the sun.

We have been doing everything we can to get her ready for the water, including a facelift.  This weekend we were busy getting her all cleaned up.

SWYF wants to see as many kids experiencing the outdoors as possible.  Boating adventures are only the beginning!  SWYF wants to continue to be involved with fishing and cast netting clinics and tournaments.  We plan on offering community beach parties for kids to experience things like kayaking, paddle boarding, etc.  We are also in search of land to purchase for a campground so we can provide a safe place for fun adventures to help families and communities grow and prosper.  Please help us make this reality!  

Here are some memories from past adventures in case you missed them the first time.  We hope you enjoy!

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